Garage Door Maintenance, Repairs & Parts


All metal garage doors are like cars, the more you maintain and clean your car, the longer it will last. Some areas of the garage door panel that seldom receive the benefits of rain washing are prone to a build-up of contaminants which can lead to corrosion of the material. To avoid this, wash regularly three to four times per year with clean water and a soft bristle brush, more often if you are located close to the sea or geothermal areas.

The parts of your garage door to pay particular attention to include the curtain face adjacent to the door head and inside over the top of a roller door. So, when you clean your car, clean your garage door too. Timber finishes should be cleaned and maintained according to the timber finish manufacturer’s recommendations. For any service or maintenance enquiries, please contact us on 04 499 44 55

Maintenance of your garage door and opener is critical to ensuring its smooth, quiet, reliable operation, and in most cases is necessary to ensure your warranty remains valid.

Garage Doors


Your COLORSTEEL® garage door has been pre-painted with a silicone modified polyester formulation which is one of the best paint films available today. However good a product may be, all exposed surfaces require some attention to guard against corrosion and any other harmful atmospheric effects.

Washing your garage door with clean water and a cloth every 14 days is recommended. More frequent washing is advised in salty or industrial fallout areas.


Do not wash the automatic opener, it will void the warranty and could cause electrocution.

Wellington Garage Doors recommends that you check the operation of your garage door at least every three to six months (more regularly in extreme environments or with frequent use). The effort required to manually open and to manually close the garage door should be about the same (if door has an automatic opener, put into manual mode before testing the garage door).

Please call 04 499 44 55 to arrange a service call

Service and repair

  • Guide tracks: (Rolling garage doors) Clean the internal sections of the guide tracks with a cloth dampened with mineral turps or methylated spirits. Polish vigorously to achieve a smooth, dirt and moisture resistant surface, allowing the Nylofelt to glide more easily. DO NOT USE GREASE OR OIL ON THE GUIDE TRACKS. Sectional garage doors should be cleaned as per rolling door instructions, but do not require polishing of the internal guide tracks.
  • Steel hinges: (If fitted). Sparingly lubricate with an all purpose light machine oil. Also lubricate wheel to axle bearings.
  • Springs: (Where accessible). Wipe over with an oily rag.
  • Locks: Your lock does not require special maintenance, however if the key becomes hard to use apply a light silicon spray Do not grease the lock.
  • Automatic garage door openers: If you have an automatic opener fitted to your garage door it is important that you ensure the optimum operation of your door, otherwise you may reduce the effective life of the opener, and void your opener warranty. For more information refer to the maintenance schedule in your garage door opener’s instruction handbook.
  • Lifting cables: (If fitted). Check for wear through by rubbing. If there is fraying or signs of corrosion, replacement is recommended. These cables are under extreme tension and should never be adjusted.
  • Fasteners: Check all screws, nuts and bolts to ensure they are secure.
  • Spring tension: It is natural for springs to lose tension. Should the door become hard to operate or completely inoperative.

To keep your garage door running well, it is recommended that your door be serviced by an experienced technician every 12 months or earlier if required.


The spring unit is under tension at all times and should never be adjusted. No operator or other person should ever stand directly in the path of the garage door in its downward travel or walk through the doorway while the garage door is moving. Always use the garage door handle to manually operate the door. If your garage door is now, or later becomes, automatically operated, any pull down rope on the garage door must be removed. Do not place your fingers near any moving parts or between the garage door panels when the door is operating either automatically or manually.

Garage Door Openers

If an automatic is fitted once a month manually operate the door to check the spring balance, if the door feels unbalanced it may affect the normal operation of the automatic.

Also check the limit travel and force settings to make sure to the door stops at the correct setting and that if an obstruction is in the path of the door travel it will reverse its travel cycle.